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Gun X Sword

I'm bored. So I shall ramble. Keeps it off my own journal, for once. XDD

Anyway, yes. Gun x Sword. It has been prelicensed by Geneon, and as such doesn't show up on animesuki - however, Shinsen-Subs is subbing it and are currently up to episode three (though 4 has been released RAW at l33traws) It's interesting and stuff.

Gun X Sword is an anime about a guy named Spike VAN. Van wanders around being lanky and cowboy-like, and wears an extremely bizarre hat.

OMG!! It's SPIKE!!

He also wears a swallowsuit, whatever that is (apparently it's some sort of tuxedo - HIS COAT LOOKS NOTHING LIKE A TUXEDO in case you were wondering) and has this piece of cloth that turns into metal. So, in the first episode, he wanders around and pops into a church trying to get some food. Naturally this isn't allowed to happen normally and he happens to walk in on some bad dudes shooting some girl who falls down like she's dead. They turn their guns on Van and he gets all 'I'm SPIKE' on their asses, kicking them and being swish with his sword. Said girl is not dead as the bullet hit this weird turtle necklace she's wearing. Of course, now she becomes a main character.

Yet another useless female character?

They go into town, and into a mall which is the only place in the whole place that hasn't been ransaked or whatever - and only because veryone in the town is holed up here. He talks to the mayor and gets a free dinner and we learn he likes to cover food in as many condiments as possible. They ask for his help and he says no. He goes to a bar to get some milk and meets up with the guys who are terrorising the town, with this gang leader-dude called 'Lucky'. They have some kind of match with card and whoever gets the Joker is the unlucky one. It appears that Van loses as he gets the Joker but it turns out that this was a LIE as he picked up two cards - and swapped them round. (Though I'm not totally sure as to what's happening here as he says 'I'm sorry, you win'. Was Lucky expecting to lose? T.T)

The next day Lucky gets pissed off and starts blowing up the down in this robot called an 'armour'. Wendy (the girl) is useless and stuff. Van calls down his armour which comes from a weird sattelite in space, and moves a lot faster and more fluidly then any other mecha. It's called 'Dann'. Ain't that cute? Anyway he kicks butt and leaves town. Wendy follows him. It turns out they are looking for the same person; Van is looking for a guy with claws, and Wendy is looking for her brother who was kidnapped by a guy with claws - the same guy. Van decided it might be cool to be called 'Yoake no Van' (Van of the Dawn) which is a pun because 'Yoake no Ban' is 'Night before Dawn'. Cute, right?

The next episode consists of meeting some old friend of Van's (and learning he is useless with names) called Carmen 99, a special reporter, as they try to cross the bridge in a town called 'Bridge Town'. Blah-blah, beats up another slow and clunky mecha. The third episode is about these old guys in a town, and it seems very much like it's what'll happen to the Power Rangers when they get old - they'll end up spending all their time in a bar drinking and being made fun of or summat. It was pretty funny since they forced Tequila down Van's throat.

All in all, the anime is pretty good - the animation is gorgeous, the sare is good, and the story seems interesting enough - but a lot of people (including myself) are drawing parallels to Trigun - though this might just be down to the same sort of Wild West vibe that runs through. The mecha are cool; they're more Big O then Gundam though, that's for sure. And Van is the SPLIT of Spike of Cowboy Bebop, even down to the way he moves - and they have a similar personality, too. Bizarre. If you're in for something a littel different in this summer season of fanserivice, this is one for you!

OMG I am about to be shot! These girls are racked

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