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Anime Rambles

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:: A N I M E | R A M B L E S ::

| R U L E S |

1. Don't leech, bitch! Join~! T___T
2. Yay! Ermm... posts don't have to be friends only ^^ And, even when you've joined, don't leech. Make an introductory post at least.
3. Respect other people's views, don't flame, be nice =) But honest. Constructive criticsm is welcome.
4. Debates are welcome, such as the typical, Sailor Moon vs. DragonBall Z or something. See rule no. 3.
5. Make sure you know the other person is joking, since some things can be taken to heart~!
6. Links to torrents are allowed (must not include anything non-anime related, no hentai torrent links, J-music is allowed)
7. Pictures, screencaps and stuff can be posted but:
a) If medium sized, one image can be shown but the rest must be Lj-cutted.
b) If large-sized (say, a wallpaper), it must be Lj-cutted.
c) No hentai pictures.

8. If talking about an anime/manga episode/chapter, all spoilers must be Lj-cutted, saying it include spoilers.
9. J-music requests are allowed. They don't have to be in an anime.
10. Gifts are absolutely welcome! *glares at you*
11. Keep advertising to a minimum ^_^
12. Have fun. This is a necessity. ... Have it~!